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Reflections of You Salon & Spa

Reflections Of You Salon & Spa has one very simple philosophy: Results for their clients! “Every professional service and product we select needs to have one thing in mind – results!” They are very retail oriented and consider themselves problem solvers. From the creative hairstyles designed by the Reflections Artistic Team to the salon’s inviting décor, this full-service salon and day spa provides what every client needs to achieve the results they need.

Reflections Of You Salon & Spa is a full service facility that caters to clients from the Fairfax area of Northern Virginia. Conveniently located in a shopping plaza in the heart of Fairfax City, the Reflections Of You Salon & Spa is approximately 1,800 square feet. Reflections of You Spa first opened in 1997 strictly as a Derma Clinic. Later, it was transformed into a complete salon and day spa where clients can receive total beauty packages. The added salon now features eight hairstyling stations, one nailcare station, one spa pedicure station and a large boutique area, which features custom blended skin and makeup products.

Today, Reflections of You Salon & Spa proudly employs several beautycare professionals dedicated to providing their clients with creative haircuts, hairstyles, haircolor, perms, skincare, makeup, nailcare, hair removal, massage, body treatments and more. Reflections Of You Salon & Spa is a distinctive trendsetting salon and spa that is also extremely business-oriented. An apprenticeship program is offered to their staff. This unique program helps grow new employees with a vested interest in the future growth of Reflections Of You Salon & Spa.

The minute you walk through the door at Reflections Of You Salon & Spa, you will realize this is no ordinary salon and spa. You will be initially impressed by urban décor with soft playing music, warm inviting colors and beautiful textures. You can feel the charm of the antique barber chair and the strength of the solid maple bar, where their receptionist is always ready to warmly greet guests or to answer any beautycare questions. Special lighting was installed to duplicate the exact lighting a client would receive outside on a sunny day, so clients can see their exact haircolor while still inside. Reflections employs a team of well-trained professionals that consistently cater to their client’s very personal service and product needs.

Reflections Of You Salon & Spa proudly offers customized services that are specifically geared toward each client’s best interest in healthy hair, skin and nails. Featuring custom blended makeup and skincare enables their clients to have the perfect shade for any special occasion or to match that skin tone that normally would be a challenge. Custom blended products also help to meet every client’s skincare needs with customized and personalized treatments that will ensure the best results. Their mineral-based makeup system is great for special events, photography and for post-surgical clients.

Reflections Of You Salon & Spa approaches skincare in a very clinical manner. Joyce Cayli has a medical background and she works closely with an in-house physician to make them very unique in Northern Virginia. They chose to refer to this spa as the ‘Derma Clinic,’ offering clients the best professional skincare services outside of a medical office. Microdermabrasion, Chemical Peels, Ultrasound Pulse, as well as specialty skincare products are offered. The doctor offers Botox, Restlyn and Laser Services. Clients can also have pre and post surgical appointments accommodated in their special Derma Clinic.

As very progressive salon and spa owner, Joyce Cayli works very closely with their staff, while mentoring each of them in many different ways. They admire people who accomplish things for the pure benefit of others, not just for what they will get out of it, but for the difference they may make in someone else’s life. As a result, they constantly participate in community events and charitable programs. They hold educational outreach seminars for their clients as well as for the local community. The Reflections Of You Salon & Spa staff has proudly grown over the past year to become respected as one of the ‘Top Salons in Northern Virginia,’ while being recognized for this in several national consumer hair and beauty publications. With Cayli’s innovative management style, teamwork initiatives and their constant drive for success, they have become very respected in the Fairfax, Virginia area as well as throughout the professional beauty industry.

Reflections Of You Salon & Spa offers a unique environment created for every client’s personal enjoyment. This is a place where a team of truly talented hair, skin, nail and bodycare specialists skillfully delivers results designed to enhance, preserve and restore the genuine beauty of each client.

Fort Belvoir • 6024 12th Street. Fort Belvoir, VA 22060 · Phone: (703) 781-3880
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